Sometimes you have to apologize.

For example, you should apologize after you chew the back plates off of the supposedly indestructible dinosaur Human Mommy procured for you 2 days ago on Amazon Prime.

Sorry pink Stegosaurus.

Sorry Couch.

Sorry Futon mattress.

Sorry decorative wood trim, various shoes, wooden coffee table, etc.

You were all delicious, if it makes it any better, which it probably doesn’t.

Sorry for your extinction.



Happy Friday, Humans. Tomorrow you can lounge around, just like we Cats do every day of the week.

Just be sure to awaken and tend to us Cats when it is Food o’clock or Play o’clock or I’m-Bored o’clock.

It might be a good idea to tend to the Woofies, too. The noise pollution of untended Woofies disturbs our feline REM sleep.

Also, don’t even think about lounging in our spots.  They are our spots. Find your own.