Making Friends


Not everyone wants to be your friend. If the kitties don’t want to be your friends, hit up the fishies.



4 thoughts on “Making Friends

  1. Tell me there are no real fishies in the round fish bowl … From Wikipedia:
    “Some countries ban the sale of traditional fishbowls under animal welfare legislation due to the risk of stunting, deoxygenation and ammonia/nitrite poisoning in such a small environment.[Austria is such a country] Because of their large oxygen needs and high waste output, such bowls are no longer considered appropriate housing for goldfish.”
    ” Rome has also banned the use of “goldfish bowls”, on animal cruelty grounds, as well as Monza, Italy, in 2004.”
    The bowls are too small for a goldfish. “Fancy goldfish (which are smaller) should have about 10 US gallons (38 l; 8.3 imp gal) per goldfish.” There is only about 4 to 5 l in such a bowl.
    I once convinced a dutch friend to give her goldfish a real tank instead of a goldfish bowl. There are fish that can be kept in small aquariums – nano aquarium – but that affords a very good water filter and a water pump.
    I can’t see this specific fish bowl clearly – so if there is no fish inside, forget everything in this comment. I really do not mean to suggest you do anything wrong … I am just concerned because there are still people out there who think that a goldfish bowl with a goldfish is a good idea.


    1. Thank you–I exaggerated in my post a little. There is only a lone Betta in the bowl. Human Mommy says that bowls of this size are good for Bettas as they resemble their natural habitat. I’m pretty sure Galaxy, the Betta, wants to be my friend as he puffs and waggles his fins at me every time I visit him. The goldfish and koi were not nearly so welcoming when I fell in their pond last week.

      Cosmo the Puppy

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