Comfort versus Style


Comfort should never trump style.  If you find your Human Mommy’s new knit booties unattractive, you should let her know, in no uncertain terms.



6 thoughts on “Comfort versus Style

  1. I think you were more annoyed that your human female was so daring to put the offensive boot up on the sofa – where you wanted to be …
    On completely unrelated notes: Aren’t you a beauty? Your sweet, sootie nose, your brownish collar, those wonderful green eyes … *sigh*

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  2. Thank you very much. I am a beautiful cat and very stylish, too. We are trying to train Human Mommy to keep her back paws off of our couch. Sadly, it’s slow going. It’s actually easier to train our new puppy than to train our humans!

    Purrs and Kneads,



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