Welcome Home


When your Humans return home from the place they spend all day called work, your greeting should be warm yet measured.  Don’t engage in the puppy’s jubilee of woofs, wags, and licks.  Let your Humans know that, while you are pleased to see them, you will become more affectionate once they have proved their worth by opening your dinner.

–Phelps and Darth Vader


10 thoughts on “Welcome Home

    1. Your kitties are probably involved in our ongoing research into the bathroom habits of humans. At least one of us always accompanies Human Mommy to the bathroom so that we can collect all the necessary data points and maybe, one day, learn why you humans prefer to defile a lovely bowl of water instead of using a box of sand like civilized creatures.

      It’s weird.


      Darth Vader and Phelps

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  1. phelps & darth…aye men ta that…frank lee round here, de food serviss gurl comes home; makez sure de garage door iz down… N out we go !!!! we will visit with her later…afturr all, sum one kneads ta chex ta make sure de car tires R prop ur lee inflated !!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

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    1. That’s very thoughtful of you, Tabbies. In the warmer months, we often escort our humans from their cars to the front door. It’s too cold for that right now–we are focusing on our wet food to bulk up for the cold weather ahead.


      Darth Vader and Phelps


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