The Morning Opera


The Morning Opera of Starvation is most effective with a large cast of cats.  So long as the chorus can pick up the melody, the mezzo-soprano can abandon her aria by flopping on the floor and grooming her whiskers, as divas do. 

Humans are not discerning.  Keep the volume up and you’re sure to get the wet food for which you sing.

–Phelps, Quicksilver, Lily, and Darth Vader


20 thoughts on “The Morning Opera

      1. I was hoping it had something to do with Michael Phelps. I have a huge crush on him, so I think I need to have a crush on Phelps the cat now! But then, the others might think it’s not fair…well, let’s just say I love the name 🙂 All cats are equally beautiful, of course (mine included) 😉

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      2. One is Ulysses (because my favourite book is Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’). He’s a ponderer and more mummy’s boy with existential anxiety 😉 The other one is Charlie (or Carlito- after Carlito Brigante from the film ‘Carlito’s Way’). And he is, indeed, a gangster (with a good heart, like his namesake).

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      3. What marvelous names! Have they been helpful in training your sweet puppy Lily? We are working very hard to train our own Woofies, Stella and Cosmo. (Although, just between us, we are not sure why Human Mommy and Daddy adopted Woofies. Cats are so obviously superior…)

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      4. Charlie was very close to Ardbeg so he’s trying to shoulder rub with Lily, but she’s not as good (looking confused at him). She doesn’t do the ‘I’ll smack your bum and hide’ game either (Charlie used to smack Ardbeg’s bum from the chair and poor Ardbeg had no idea what happened). She needs more training. Ulysses is above it all. He’s a philosopher, earthly matters don’t concern him much. He’s also the only clumsy cat we’ve ever had…

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  1. guys…..a paws….a paws…..a paws…..thiz purrformance iz werthy of de La Scala { & yea we looked that up } but we gived ewe all a standin ovationz ~~~ 🙂 🙂

    heerz two a monkeyface prickleback kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

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