The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house.

If you love your Humans, you must supervise them every time they go potty or go to wash up just in case they fall in the toilet, trip in the shower or over a Cat.

–Charlie, Lily, Quicksilver and Phelps


27 thoughts on “Bathrooms

      1. Haha xD. Oliver comes in to supervise for certain bathroom duties… Which is rather disturbing to say the least! He is not going anywhere near the water demon home though 😀

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  1. Hilarious, I am alway reassured when my girls Tabs and Jems race into the bathroom before me. On one occasion Jems sat in front of me and asked why now? Jems wanted the litter tray clearing. Tabs used to flush the toilet after using the tray and Jems always wiped her paws on the towels. Impeccable manners. Hahaha

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  2. Every morning I must have a drink while mom is brushing her teeth. You’d think she could wait to brush her teeth….I need that first drink in the morning, I’m parched. Think I must snore but ever so daintily, not like mom. Anyway as I was saying, each morning she drips toothpaste on my head and I get annoyed and give her the evil eye but I don’t leave the sink. This is our morning ritual. MOL


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