Ignoring your Humans


Ignoring your Humans is difficult, necessary business.  Stay strong, no matter how loudly they make the kissy-kissy-food-will-be-forthcoming sound.



25 thoughts on “Ignoring your Humans

  1. Or call your name … smething my two can ignore for hours, while I search for them in their favourite hiding places and they watch me confused from somewhere in plain sight – like the window sill

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    1. Ha. I know. I will look all over the house, and just as I start to get a little nervous and begin to retrace my steps starting from the very beginning of my search, I will look up and see eyes looking at me with a look as if to say, “What are you doing? Who are you looking for? I’ve been here – in plain sight – all along. You passed me twice!”

      I think cats have a “cloaking mode”.

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      1. No, you see differently – you only better us in your light-sensitivity, we better you in distance and colours. You need the darkness-eyes more than we do, we know how to make light 😛

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      2. We beg to disagree. We can see you Humans wherever you are whereas you Humans can have trouble seeing us when we are “hiding” in plain sight, smack dab in front of you. Either we see better or we are just much more observant. Purrs, Quicksilver et al

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  2. My cat begs for food and will not leave me alone at feeding time. When I open a can and put it in the dish, she looks at me like, “Who is that for?” and ignores it. It strangely disappears later when I am not looking.

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