Humans need to read the kibble ingredient list very carefully.

We Cats eat cat kibble.

The Woofies eat dog kibble.

We Cats are a proper size.

The Woofies have grown to the size of small Horses.

Pay closer attention to the dog kibble additives, Humans.

Seriously, how big do you want the Woofies to get?!

–Darth Vader 


14 thoughts on “Additives 

  1. Now I have a different problem in my house. One of my cats eats my pups dried food!!! Sammie the idiot (his now formal name!) has done it since he was a kitten! He eats his food then goes to the dog bowl and eats the dogs food as if its dessert!!! I swear I live in a mad house!!!!

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      1. To be fair he’s big but not fat. He’s just big all over! The vet said it was on because he’s eating his food first and is eating the pups food as we’d eat sweets. Its just frustrating for Roxy because is she dares to look sideways at Sams food he clobbers her!!!! 😂

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  2. It is okay for cats to eat woofie’s kibble (unless on special diet), but woofies should not eat cat food. I feed my cats where my woofie cannot get to their food. Cat food can make woofies sick. (Don’t tell your cats in case they have any evil ideas.)

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      1. Not all! Many people assume that Human Mommy types the blog for us–she does not. We Cats are in charge of everything. Sometimes we let the Woofies put in their two cents, but they are not official members of our editorial board.

        We won’t poison them with our Cat kibble. It’s not that we haven’t thought about disposing of them, but our Human Parents seem pretty attached to the slobber machines. Besides, Cat kibble is too good to share.

        Purrs, Quicksilver et al

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