Lesson in the Inevitable 

Leave a pile of dark-colored outerwear unattended long enough, awaiting its annual trip to the dry-cleaners, and eventually a dark-colored cat will claim it for his throne.

–Darth Vader


14 thoughts on “Lesson in the Inevitable 

    1. That is usually true, but my current throne is made of dirty clothes that Human Mommy will eventually haul to the dry-cleaners. Now, what will be more challenging for the dry-cleaner? Removing obvious white fur from the dark clothing or finding each and every camouflaged black hair? Purrs, DV

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  1. My grey cat can deposit fur on either black or white and doesn’t bother waiting until they are ready for the cleaners. All of my clothes are nice and furry, even the ones that are hanging. I don’t know how they do it.

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