No I am not Dead…

No, I am not dead.

Yes, I could be dying.

The heat dome is particularly dangerous for those of us with black, heat-absorbing fur.

–Darth Vader


25 thoughts on “No I am not Dead…

  1. Us small white furries are struggling too. Luckily it’s a little cooler here today because when it gets hot our two cats bully me. Its hard being a pup!!

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      1. It’s only cooler outside of mummy let’s me put the hose on. Then I get soaking wet!! What’s fun is when I run about shaking and I get the cats wet too! I don’t think they like it for some reason!!! 😂

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  2. Perhaps you should persuade one of your humans to purchase a small fan and then stand and hold it for you in the best position. I did that and spent 10 minutes fanning Lily. She didn’t like it. She ran away. Mind you…it is cooler here today…

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