Cats hold grudges.  The Cats told us that as Human Mommy had abandoned us for 2.5 days we owed her 3 days of coldness, as Cats operate in whole numbers and always round up when punishment is involved.

We tried. We respect the Meowies and generally try to do what they suggest as we don’t want them to claw our eyes out.

But then we got marrow bones.  We can only focus on a couple of things at once, at best, and marrow bones take up all of our concentration.

It’s impossible to hold a grudge when you’ve got a marrow bone.

–Stella and Cosmo 


15 thoughts on “Grudges

    1. Ooh, nothing like a plush chicken! We used to have tons of plush toys including a snake, a shark, an alligator and, most recently, a crab. Human Daddy has called for a moratorium on plush toy purchases as we tend to disembowel all of them, sometimes within a matter of minutes, leaving behind a blizzard of stuffing. But that’s what plush toys are for, right? Woofs and Wags, Cosmo and Stella

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      1. Yes, a fine woofie – if you like destroyers. Because that he is for sure! He shreds envelops, card board boxes, plush toys … Bacon (You know that pig from piglove?) will need him comes Christmas – when that blasted Elf on the Shelf comes back.

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  1. hold de fone, mayo & iced cod….yur mom goez outta town for thirtee 3 hole yeerz… dawgs get marrow bonez & de catz get a pat on de head anda…..hay I’m home R ewe knot happee….. deel……

    total lee uncalled for guyz………….yea, thiz iz MAJOR grudge time ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺

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    1. But Tabbies, the Meowies got tuna and cream and loving scritches and more, but they still weren’t pleased. They maybe didn’t hiss as much as they were planning–because they were genuinely pleased to see Human Mommy, too–but they did “perfume” her carryon so that she can never, ever travel again. Woofs and Wags, Stella and Cosmo


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