Puppies or Ponies

Humans, I’ve asked you before and I’ll ask you again.

The Woofies are quite large already, yet you continue feeding them.

Why? How big do you want them to get? Have you ever even read the list of additives on the kibble you give them like I told you to?

Also, are you absolutely sure that you adopted Puppies and not Ponies?

–Darth Vader 


20 thoughts on “Puppies or Ponies

  1. As a kitty cat, Darth Vader, you have the advantage. While they are still “little”, give them “The Look” – you know the one I mean, as a kitty cat – and they never will go against your will, no matter how monstrously huge they get! Go for it, kitty! Go for it!

    (My two Persian kitties, Andy and Dougy approve of this message. They just wish they had a doggy to control, too.)

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      1. Andy and Dougy met some Woofies at the veterinarian’s clinic where they stayed for a time when they, their litter mates, and their mother were kept when the kitty boys were kittens. They were unimpressed with Woofies, believe it! (Look who I am, trying to tell YOU about Woofies! LOL!) For that reason, they say to tell you “meow”, which I know means, “No thanks! Keep your Woofies there!” I told them that was kind of rude, but they insist you’d do the same thing if you had the choice! (There is a little Woofie next door, and the boys think he is a silly boy. He barks all the time, and doesn’t know that we live here, not his noisy, silly self!)

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