Some games you can play alone, like knock-the-breakable-bibelots-off-the-bookshelf.

Some games, though, require a partner, like under-door-paw-swat.

–Lily and Amber 


14 thoughts on “Games

  1. I used to have two cats who did that. Sadly they are gone. My current crew does not play that game but then again they don’t allow us to have closed doors unless one is in the bathroom doing bathroom things. Even then, if the door is not properly latched it is opened so the world can you see you.

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    1. That’s too bad! Under-door-paw-swat is a great game! If you look closely at our photo, you’ll see that the door we are using is cracked open. We don’t allow closed doors in our house either. Tell your Cats that the door doesn’t have to be closed to play a satisfactory game of under-door-paw-swat. Purrs, Lily and Amber

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