Nothing solidifies a friendship like a good, firm headbutt.

–Cosmo and Finnegan 


14 thoughts on “Bromance 

  1. If there is really a fish in the fishbowl, please, inform yourself about the needs of said fish. – Goldfish for example should NEVER be kept longterm in such a bowl. Those round fish-bowls are not species-appropriate but for the tiniest of fish!
    Fishbowls are not appropriate housing for goldfish, and are so detrimental to their health and well-being that they are prohibited by animal welfare legislation in several municipalities. The practice of using bowls as permanent fish housing originated from a misunderstanding of Chinese “display” vessels: goldfish which were normally housed in ponds were, on occasion, temporarily displayed in smaller containers to be better admired by guests.
    I know Hollywood gives a false impression still – but fish-tanks need a certain size and a water-filter and a pump and a lot of fish need heating and light, too.

    I have a Dutch friend who I could convince to change from goldfish-bowl to fishtank for her goldfish. Since then I am very concerned when I see such a bowl. But maybe there is no fish in, anyway and you just show waterplants?

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    1. Not a goldfish–Galaxy is our Betta Fish. In our Humans’ experience keeping Bettas, they tend to prefer a medium size tank, not too big, not too small. This isn’t just a bowl–it is a biorb with filtration. Our Goldfish live outside in our pond. Sadly, the Humans thought it wise to build a fence around our pond which makes the experience of fish-watching much less interactive for us Cats and Dogs. Purrs, Finnegan and Woofs and Wags, Cosmo

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      1. For a betta keeper who is new to or inexperienced with the nitrogen cycle and desires to keep a betta fish in a cycled aquarium, 5 gallons is generally the minimum standard for easy establishment. With 5 gallons an in-fish cycle can be established with relative ease, although it is recommended to always establish fishless in order to avoid ammonia burns. A 5-gallon tank is also easier to chemically balance and provides other benefits outside of cycling that include more room for a betta fish to exercise, a larger selection of reliable heaters, and a prettier aesthetic display. Most importantly, however, is that “a higher volume of water allows for more stable water conditions and thwarts the waste concentrations that a polluted betta bowl is subject to—it can go from livable to toxic literally overnight” (Purser 2007).

        A 5-gallon tank, however, is suitable for only one betta fish and a possible small snail or shrimp companion that does not emit a high bioload into the water.


        Betta fish require a few basic needs: a tropical temperature range of water between 76 and 84 degrees that does not regularly have large fluctuations, an environment with no to few toxins present that are removed through care, places to hide in order to reduce stress, easy access to surface air, and exercise.

        Tank shape is also important to consider when purchasing a tank because like most fish species, betta splendens prefer long, horizontal, spaces rather than vertical ones. Vertical spaces allow for less access to air and some breeds that have particularly long, heavy, fins may struggle to get to the surface easily. Horizontal spaces allow more room to swim and easy access to the surface.

        I found a website about Betta fish keeping:
        Yes, this is just a blog, but it seems well-written, has quotations and argues logically.

        I never had fish myself, because fish are a lot more work than cats.

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      2. Hello, this is Galaxy the Betta Fish. I have not yet posted on this blog. Thank you for your comments. I was pleased with my living accommodations until I measured my house. It is a mere 4 gallons!!! I am going to instruct my furry siblings to “borrow” Human Mommy’s Amazon Prime password to look for a more suitable home. Splashes, Galaxy

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      3. Good for you! I should have guessed you had sensitivity to this issue! I read this after I commented above. It still is important that others reading this understand what is proper for our other pets’ survival and best interests. Besides, a pond is an attractive addition to a yard, even if you have to anticipate visits by predators from land and the air (herons, for example).

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      4. Yes, they are a potential hazard for sure, and they come very hungry to the pond! I don’t know if lots of vegetation in the pond is the answer or not since they are very aggressive and patient predators, though that gives the fish some hope of survival. I’m sure you can speak more to that issue than I since I don’t have a pond!


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