Occasionally, you may come face to face with your Doppelcatter. Ignore him. The resemblance isn’t all that striking and you’re obviously handsomer than him anyway.

–Finnegan and Charlie


18 thoughts on “Doppelcatter 

  1. This is great advice that I learned on my own. There was an older ginger cat hanging around a yard when I showed up. The people living there started calling me Doppelganger and Doppel. They sometimes confused me for him, which made them laugh, even though he was much bigger than my sleek, small frame. He disappeared so now it’s just me. They gave me a different name and let me come in and sleep in their warm place and give me decent food and regular meals, so I’ll let it all pass. But sometimes I can smell him in the house, and sometimes they look at me and say something about him. I endure it and look aloof when it happens because I am much better looking. But above all, I am a cat and I am dignified, and it would be undignified to speak ill of those no longer present.

    Purrs, Meep

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