Separation Anxiety

Nothing knocks out the sting of separation anxiety like a good nap.

–Stella, Cosmo, Finnegan, and Darth Vader 


Don’t Listen

Sometimes, your best Meowie friend may something hurtful like “I need my space” or “Get out of my face, Woofie.” Don’t listen to her and, above all, don’t take her words personally.

She probably just has a hairball.


Medical Update

Thank you all so much for your good wishes! I have a luxating patella caused by my heroic charge into the front fence to defend my yard against an interloper. The Humans have told me that I will be going to a third vet next Wednesday for a surgical consultation. After that, I will have knee surgery to become a bionic Dog.

For all our Dog and Meowy followers, think very carefully about heroism. You don’t always get a medal. Sometimes, all you get is a visit to three–count them, three!–vets for your trouble.

Woofs and Wags, Stella