Scissors, Humans? Are you kidding me? This box you ordered has been on the floor for weeks. It is now my bed, perfectly contoured to my furry body.

I bet you don’t even remember what’s in it.



17 thoughts on “Scissors

  1. Happy Boxing Day :o) Or like jack sparrow said, grab efurrything you can and give nothing back. btw: franhunne wrote me a line, that the comments land in your spam folder… seems someone fed the wordpress gremlin after midnight LOL

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  2. Mine two commandeer a piece of typing paper or a magazine on the floor as well. The box, well, forget about getting rid of it as long as kitty makes it hers, eh?! LOL! I have one really ratty, ugly box that the kitty boys decided they wanted three years ago. I try to scrap out boxes when they aren’t looking, but…. Well, you know cats: If you are doing something at all, they are watching because they are that curious.

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    1. I’m afraid it may lose its structural integrity if the Humans remove the contents. Therefore, I will not allow the to unpack it. If the contents were really important, wouldn’t the Humans have already opened it? I bet they don’t even remember what’s in there. Purrs, Lily

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  3. lily…hay ewe gorgeouz……yea tell yur mom N dad ta re order what ever they ordered N ta leeve that order a lone …coz now itz yur order { hope full lee itz knot like fresh perch ore sum thin ~~~ ya noe ~~~~~ PHEW 🙂

    heerz two a king oh de herringz kinda week oh end guyz~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

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