Big sisters are the best! Sometimes it feels like they know you better than you know yourself and your secrets are always safe because you speak a special language, known only to the two of you.


Watch out, Woofie. Don’t get fresh with my Little Sis.




No matter how many times we hiss and threaten the use of our diamond-cuttingly sharp claws, the biggest Woofie just doesn’t understand that it’s rude to hover over our high tea.

–Charlie, Luna, Darth Vader, and Lily

Treadmill Workouts

There’s more than one way to workout on a treadmill.

For example, you can use the console for a good stretch.

You can use the arms as a jungle gym to increase your strength and balance.

Don’t worry if you get tangled up now and again.

It takes time to master new fitness routines.


Don’t be a Cliche

Are the ever present cellphone-wielding paparazzi taking yet another picture of you in yet another basket? Don’t be a cliche. Don’t be that guy who’s always in a basket.

Squeeze your eyes shut. No one takes a good picture of a celebrity squinting. No way the paparazzi can sell this shot to the Feline tabloids.