So what if all of your extremities don’t exactly fit in your chosen midday napping spot? You’re a long, leggy House Panther. 

Let parts of you cascade over the side like a glorious waterfall, like the way storm clouds descend to obscure the nascent moon.

–Darth Vader


14 thoughts on “Dangling 

  1. I must be an evil human, can’t refrain from tickling Washe cats hanging off the perch parts 🐱… his meat hooks have filleted my hands more then once, You would think I’d learn ‘Do not disturb’ & as if to lure me, the tip of his is wiggling.

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  2. Love this!! I. WILL. GO. TO. SLEEP. It’s like how some people sleep with half of their body not actually on the bed!! Can’t see how that position could ever be comfy though!

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