Naps vs. Work

All naps are good, but some are better than others. For example, although I appreciate my mid-morning and mid-afternoon naps, my early afternoon nap is my favorite.

What’s that Humans? It’s Monday and you have to “work”? “Work” precludes naps, you say?

“Work” sounds dreadful.



20 thoughts on “Naps vs. Work

  1. hello luna its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes this wurk thing wot hyoomans doo sownds like it is for the birds!!! i am with yoo napping is mutch better!!! i think the hyoomans need to wurk a littel harder on finding sumwun to pay them to do it!!! ha ha ok bye

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    1. Yes, that’s what our Humans say, too. Not convinced that they are being honest, though. What if they are abandoning us daily to go to a really nice place to nap? What if “work” is a Human code word for deluxe mattress or pillow? Purrs, Luna

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