Fireworks vs. Tuna

Happy Fourth of July, Humans!

Instead of celebrating your freedom with a barrage of noisy fireworks, why not open a series of tuna cans for us, the most independent creatures ever, American Cats?

–Finnegan and Quicksilver 


27 thoughts on “Fireworks vs. Tuna

  1. Your posts are adorable! 🙂 If it’s okay to ask…I’m not a super blogger per se and I definitely have varied topics (including that I’v gotten away from what I was initially blogging about.) May I ask how you get in front of so many eyes? I’m never quite suer I’m doing things properly, nor do I think I maximize opportunity! *LOL* 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! We’ve been blogging for a while now and we really enjoy engaging with other Cat and Dog bloggers. We don’t get a ton of views everyday, but that’s fine with us. Just try and have fun with your blog and engage with others who have similar interests. Also, posting Cat photos is never a bad option. Seriously, who do you think controls the internet? Purrs, Quicksilver et al and Woofs and Wags, Cosmo and Stella


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