Too Hot

When it’s this hot, even the Queen can let it all hang out, in a regal, dignified way, of course.



14 thoughts on “Too Hot

  1. Same here. I think the kitty boys and I will turn on the air conditioning and do nothing but keep cool today. It’s 83°F [28.3°C] in the apartment at 4:10 AM. Ugh! The kitty boys like to cool off on the bathroom floor, which is, I agree, a lot cooler than the rest of the place. I’m half tempted to join them LOL!

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  2. It is so hot this summer! I was surprised to find my oldest kitty sleeping on his heating pad anyway! He loves that heating pad (which I keep covered with a royal purple blanket and on the lowest setting) but I thought the day’s heat would cause him to sleep on the tile. Not a chance I guess.

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