This girl just wishes she  was me – the most adorable…

Great photo of a Human Kitten trying very hard to be a Cat.

Enjoy! Purrs, Quicksilver et al 


Curling up

I don’t like you, we have nothing in common, we look not at all alike…

Still… You were curled up on the bed when I arrived for my requisite daily 18-hour snooze.

It just seemed easier to cohabitate than to hiss you out of my space.

–Orzo, Guest Contributor 

Presenting Finnick Ohair

Humama, who is the friend of Human Mommy of Seven Cats and Counting, was looking for a male black Kitten brother for Orzo.

So of course she adopted me, Finnick Ohair.

Adopt don’t shop, Humans, and always remember that your Cat chooses you, not the other way around.

–Finnick Ohair, Guest Contributor