Maple Anne! Are you ready for brunch?

What’s that? You hit the hostas too hard last night? You think some of those fallen leaves might have been fermented…

Not judging…

Luna!!! Wanna do brunch?!



Artistic Side

Yes, I know this is not a toy, Human Mommy.

This is a paint brush.

Did it never occur to you that I might have an unexplored artistic side?


The Good Old Days

Truth to tell, I miss the good old days when the Private Members-Only Cat Club, sometimes erroneously referred to as the front porch, was only open to Male Cats.

Stop that, Uncle Quicksilver! You are being sexist and speciesist right now.

Besides, Stella’s initiation fees paid for our Club’s second couch.

–Quicksilver and Luna

Wardrobe Mistress

It’s a lot of work being Human Mommy’s Wardrobe Mistress.

I have to pick out Human Mommy’s daily outfits  and maintain a glorious sheen of shed fur on all her clothes.

The stuff she leaves in drawers and her maxi dresses are fairly easy to maintain.

To maintain the knee-length skirts, mini-skirts, blazers and hanging blouses, though, you have to be prepared to climb.