Sunny Days

Oh, Sun, you feel so good on our fur!

We’ll miss you when winter comes.

–Stella and Cosmo 



Even the Biggest, Baddest, Blackest and Whitest Boss Cat looks forward to his weekly brushing.

Yes… Concentrate on the head… I may have had a run-in with a spider web or two.

Bath? What?! No, that’s really not necessary, Human Daddy.

Just keep doing what you’re doing.

Don’t forget my right flank. I fear that I’ve acquired some burrs on both sides of my glossy top coat.

Long story…


The Good Old Days

Truth to tell, I miss the good old days when the Private Members-Only Cat Club, sometimes erroneously referred to as the front porch, was only open to Male Cats.

Stop that, Uncle Quicksilver! You are being sexist and speciesist right now.

Besides, Stella’s initiation fees paid for our Club’s second couch.

–Quicksilver and Luna