Just One Whiff…

As a Scent Hound, sometimes you have to give in and take a good, deep whiff of Meowie butt.

The Meowie’s Murder Mitten slamming down on your pretty Puppy nose is going to hurt. 

Worth it. Totally worth it.



Exercise Equipment

My Cat Tree is great for cardio, for strength work, for claw-sharpening and for naps.

Maybe if your exercise equipment included napping options, you Humans would be more likely to use it.

Just saying…


The Trouble with Gyms

The trouble with gyms is that you can end up waiting a super long time to use your favorite equipment.

Don’t even think about starting a conversation or advising the pretty Kitty gym members on proper weight-lifting technique or the right way to face on the treadmill.

At best, you’ll get a laser-like glare. At worst, you’ll get a hiss, some truly un-ladylike words, and a couple of new painful scratches on your handsome Canine nose.


Raw Food Diet 

I’ll admit that chilling out in an empty carton that used to contain canned Woofie food may not be the wisest option, particularly if the Woofies have not inhaled their evening feast yet.

That said, don’t think that I’m a trendy, Raw Food alternative to cans.

I’m not. 

Get any closer and I’ll prove it to you with my claws.