Good Sniffs

There are many,


…smells to sniff.

It’s my duty to sniff them all.



Meowie Door

The Humans call it a “Meowie Door,” but I betcha we can fit through, Papa Cosmo!

Maybe you can, Little Xena, but I could get stuck in such a narrow opening.

Maybe we should wait for our Humans to open the door? It’s no fun to go squirrel hunting without you.

–Xena and Cosmo

T-bone Steak

So I had a properly sized Dog Bed until my beloved daughter Xena told me she needed to stretch out, much more than she could in her extra-small Puppy Bed.

Of course, I gave her my bed. How could I not? Have you ever seen anything cuter than Xena?

Still, I hear Father’s Day is coming up.

I hope little Xena thinks to get me a T-bone Steak, or a pack of bully sticks, or at least a card that we can turn into confetti together.