If you must share space with a Woofie, make sure that the Woofie’s fur complements your own.

And that she sits at least a tail-length behind you.

–Orzo, Guest Contributor


Too Hot!

Hey, Papa Cosmo, I want to go outside and play fetch and chase squirrels and munch grass and such but it’s too doggone hot!

Why’s it so hot, Papa Cosmo?

Well, little Xena, Human Mommy controls the outdoor thermostat.

For some reason, known only to herself, she’s got it set at extra hot.

Why, Human Mommy? Why?

–Xena and Cosmo

In Honor of Anthony

Our Humans have been melancholy since the death of Anthony Bourdain.

Human Daddy decided to make a special brunch in his honor.

There were potatoes sauteed with red peppers…

…fresh tomatoes topped with cilantro, French baguette with Himalayan salt and olive oil, sauteed cod fish with red onion and tomatoes, and soft boiled eggs.

As French music played in the background, Human Daddy danced with my lady Stella.

It was a delicious, memorable meal.

Now, you’ll have to excuse us…

We Dog Dishwashers need to be ready to lick the plates clean.

This is a professional kitchen, after all.

–Cosmo, Stella and Xena