Sunday Sun

Is the Sunday Sun shining too brightly for you?

Just cover your eyes and return to the land of nod.

Be sure to wake up in time for brunch, though.



T-bone Steak

So I had a properly sized Dog Bed until my beloved daughter Xena told me she needed to stretch out, much more than she could in her extra-small Puppy Bed.

Of course, I gave her my bed. How could I not? Have you ever seen anything cuter than Xena?

Still, I hear Father’s Day is coming up.

I hope little Xena thinks to get me a T-bone Steak, or a pack of bully sticks, or at least a card that we can turn into confetti together.


Big Sis

I’m a confident full-grown Lady Cat and Valedictorian of the Guard Cat Academy now, but I’ll still always look up to my Big Sis, Lily.

Hey, Lily! From this angle, it looks like you have something on your face…

Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it for you!

But you have to hold still!

There we go! I learned this headlock in the Guard Cat Academy.