Sorry not Sorry

“Age before beauty,” at least when it comes to the Drippy Faucet of Youth.

Unless you’re a Millennial Kitten. Then you’ll for sure try to cut in line.

–Lily and Charlie

I don’t want to be part of the narrative of waiting in line. Isn’t there an app where we can schedule our faucet time?

So I tried to cut. Sorry not sorry.



When you find yourselves outnumbered by the Meowies, stand very, very still, save for the wagging of one of your tails, which they may or may not interpret as a white flag depending on their knowledge of canine signals, the strategic importance of your physical location, and their mood.

Uh-oh, we seem to be blocking access to the Meowies’ kibble.

Deploy the Puppy Eyes! Deploy the Puppy Eyes!

–Cosmo and Stella