Cheat Day

Don’t beat yourself up for cheating on your Paleo, Raw Food, Keto, Gluten-Free Summer Diet, inspired by your Lion cousins.

Stuff happens… Mass-produced Kibble can smell really good…

Pick yourself up and go back on the prowl.



Paleo Diet

What’s this Humans?

Is this a bowl of canned, ground, mass-produced Cat Food?

No, thank you.

In the summer months, I follow a strict, raw food, paleo diet, inspired by my cousins the Lions.


The Joy of Being Outnumbered 

Humans, you have not known true joy until you have stumbled out of bed to find yourself surrounded by a pride of lions.

Coffee can wait. Get busy opening our cans of wet food. They don’t call us apex predators for nothing and there is only one of you and seven of us, not counting the new cub upstairs.

–Darth Vader, Phelps, Lily, Charlie, Quicksilver, Amber and Finnegan