Goodnight, Love, and Purrs

Why are your eyes running like the Drippy Faucet of Youth, Humans?

The pain is gone, my claws are back, I’m at least 2 pounds of muscle heavier.

What’s with the waterworks, Humans?

I’m as strong and young as my Doppelcatter, though a million, a gazillion times handsomer than he.

(Seriously, how my Doppelcatter gets any girls is a mystery to me.)

Uh-oh, Humans, your eyes are dripping faster, too fast, much faster than my Drippy Faucet of Youth ever dripped.

Chill out, Humans! I’ve got all my teeth and all my whiskers and all my claws. Do you know how much I’ve missed my claws?

I’ve missed my claws A LOT!

I’ll miss you, too, Humans. And the other Cats and even the Woofies.

I’ll especially miss the Little One, even though she pounced on me more than once. If I’d had my claws on me, I would’ve taught her a good lesson then and there.

I’m grateful, too, Humans. I’m grateful you became my servents…er…Humans.

I’m even grateful you took me to the V-E-T when you did.

But most of all I’m grateful for the Drippy Faucet of Youth.

It finally worked. I’m young and whole and vital again.

Goodnight, Love and Purrs,

Mr. Charlie

(Born 2001 or so–crossed the Rainbow Bridge August 3, 2017)


Sometimes Humans say nonsensical things. For example, Human Mommy just called us a pair of lovebugs. We understand “pair” and we understand “love,” but what about us is bug-like?

–Cosmo and Stella 

Well, for one thing, Woofies, you “bug” me all the time, especially you, Cosmo, especially you.