I’ll admit that I had a rough few days health wise. I may have even complained about my symptoms more than once.

What do you expect? I’m old and grouchy, particularly when I’m not feeling tip-top.

But is the V-E-T really necessary?!

I did NOT consent to this!




I read an informative WordPress Post yesterday.

I learned that, at a mere 15 years old, I am considered “geriatric.”

I don’t feel “geriatric,” not at all.

Just look at how high I can jump!


Bachelor Pad

Choose your bachelor pad wisely.  If you like a bit of action, don’t move too far out to the country–youthful Kittens will keep you young.

On the other paw, be sure that your pad is protected from the hurly-burly of the youngsters’ catnip-fueled disputes. Kittens may do fine with a mere 18 hours of sleep daily, but you require a minimum of 20 hours.

Most importantly, make sure that your pad is in close proximity to the best place in the house, i.e. the kitchen.