Where are you?

Princess Maple Ann…


…where are you?

I’m right here, little Woofie Princess.

Do you have to bark your questions so loudly?

–Princesses Xena and Maple Ann



Turtledom before:

Turtledom in progress:

Did you have to uproot so many hostas, Humans?

This used to make for a nice hunting blind…er…bird watching spot.

Turtledom after:

I appreciate the juxtaposition of the rocks and the diggable substrate.

The vegetation is quite nice and, if I understand correctly, edible.

My private pool, though, needs a cleaning and the proffered lettuce is not up to my standards.

3.5 stars, at best.

–Finnegan and Princess Turtle

P.S. We servants…er…Humans covered Turtledom with a strong plastic mesh to prevent any unwanted incursions into the Princess’s territory.  Human Daddy is hard at work on a latching chicken wire top.


I got lost–real lost. The ground below me was hard and hot and impossible to dig.

I’d almost given up when a Human saw me in the middle of what he called the “street” and placed me in a bucket.

I didn’t exactly love the bucket, but I guess it’s better than what Human Daddy says would have happened to me if I’d remained in the “street.”

Things looked up a bit when the Humans set up what Human Mommy calls my “temporary luxury suite.”

I mean, it’s okay–not exactly “luxury,” but maybe 3 stars out of 5. 

The Humans have promised me an outdoor Turtle enclosure. This sounds much preferable to my 3-star suite.

In the meantime, I’ll be burrowing myself in my new substrate. (Good call on the substrate, Humans.)

I can’t wait to move to my outdoor Turtledom.

Chop, chop Humans!

–Princess Box Turtle (who thus far lacks a name and is not pleased about this)