Always wear your tuxedo, no matter how hot it gets.

If you melt, at least you’ll be a stylish puddle.



Panther Puddle

Beware of the hot temperatures, Humans! Your House Panther may melt into a large, tarry puddle, reminiscent of an oil slick.

Don’t fret, Humans! Tuna and catnip will restore your Panther to his solid form.

–Darth Vader


It’s essential to stay hydrated when temperatures soar.

Don’t drink out of the silly bowls the Humans provide for you. Drink exclusively from the drippy faucet of youth.

Seriously, it’s at least 9 times more hydrating than regular water.

Trust me.

Depending on the Google result you consult, I’m at least 80 years old.

I don’t look a day over 60, though, do I?